Jimmy Buffet’s song, Last Mango in Paris, is a great allegory for how I’ve lived. The details are, of course different. 

Anna (my wife) and I currently live in Portland Oregon and we are preparing purposefully for an adventurous semi-retirement. 

Our 4-year-ish plan is to get a nice sailboat, get it ready for crossing oceans and exploring the salty bits of the world, sail down the Columbia River to the Pacific, then turn left and keep going until the butter melts. From there, who knows.

The intent is to go see more of the world, have more sunny weather, avoid cold weather for the most part, and stretch our retirement dollars. We are already mobile, living a full-time RV lifestyle with ‘the anchor’ of my full-time local job driving a city bus here in Portland. 

Life isn’t simple though and I want to tell the story of this journey, and take you along on the adventures, through the mundane, and into the lives of the interesting people around us on this journey.

With a bit of work, I hope to provide some really interesting content for y’all to enjoy and that this content provides enough value to others that I can supplement my retirement. 

Thanks for coming by, bear with us at the start here and check back now and again, it’s going to take some time to get this ball rolling.

Take care.

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