Freshly roasted coffee

Cooked up this morning looking forward to sipping it tomorrow.

Here’s where I got the beans:

Columbian Cauca Womens Association at Royal Coffee

These are the tools it took to do the job. This batch was 2 cups of the green coffee beans. Pan needs to be hot, 430ish degrees. Think popcorn, keep the beans moving, listen for the ‘first crack’ (starting to pop), when the cracking slows considerably, turn off the heat but keep whisking until it stops. Cool it in a colander which doubles as a tool to get rid of any chaff.

I’ve been told that the roasted coffee needs to rest about 12 hours before grinding and brewing. The other thing that I’ve been told is that it’s best to use a batch within a few days, at least inside a week.

2 cups of green coffee beans seems to make about a Quart of roasted beans.