Exercise (well a little)

Well, using the little coffee grinder to make my ‘morning blood replenisher’ is getting easier.

For quite a while we’ve been getting our coffee beans at the grocery store and using their grinder. Roasting our own beans means grinding coffee for ourselves. The muscles involved have been getting a fresh workout and we were considering an electric grinder.

What’s interesting though is that after just a few days, the motions are getting easier. It’s not just the grinding either, the whisking we’re doing to pan roast the beans is new too, and there’s 10 minutes (or so) of it. I’m sure this is why many people who do their own roasting come up with more automated ways.

The question in my head becomes ‘is this exercise that I want?’

Well, yeah, I think so.

Many years ago I worked as an underground miner. My buddies and I were joking around one day 2700 feet underground, in 110 degree heat, while doing our very physical work, that other people driving to a gym, parking as close to the door as possible, and paying good money to get the workout and saunas we were getting paid for every day.

I need more exercise and this is actually a nice regular bit of ritual. I want to find more ways to incorporate exercise into my daily routine. I’ll also be saving energy, which may seem like a small thing, but our goal in life (sailing the world) involves being off the grid where space and power generation are truly limited resources.

A little change here and there can add up to a better whole.