First real fall

I’m okay.

I knew that it was inevitable, an inherent risk in skateboarding, I just didn’t know when.

It was one of those times when you actually see it coming. Where you understand the challenge ahead is above you skill level.

I was going to fast.

The concrete was ending and asphalt started with a short pushed up hump. My trajectory was set and I’m still learning how to handle these transitions.

It was fun!

I was commuting to work, crossing the Interstate 5 bridge from Tomahawk Island to mainland Oregon. Full uniform, helmet, and elbow pads. Backpack with lunch, coffee, board charger, jacket, and such.

The gloves and left elbow pad took most of the hit. Left hip hit and slid.

Luckily I packed well and there was no yard sale.

A little earlier I had thought it might be time to turn the board up to high, glad I didn’t.

It’s nice to be getting challenged.

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