When chasing rabbits… well, actually in our case, porpoises and clams.

Monday 7-27 at 8AM. We are getting in the car to head for Anacortes to have one final look at a boat before making an offer.

Phone rings, boat broker says, “Hi, well, we just got another offer.” While he couldn’t tell us specifically what the other offer was we did get enough info to understand that it was more than we were planning on.

Me, “Well, call me if the deal falls through after the survey.” While the boat fit our preferences, it had also seen lots of use and would need to catch up on a lot of preventative maintenance.

Anna says, “Let’s go to the beach.”

Ft. Stevens State Park, Looking South down Clatsop Spit from the foot of South Jetty.

Our big plan in life is sailing off into the sunset and there are a whale of a lot of decisions and building blocks that go into designing and building that life. Each of those things, in turn, have their own set of things that go into them.

The biggest, and most expensive decision, in sailing off into the sunset, is picking the ‘mothership’, our home to be. For us, the key to picking a good mothership is deciding how we will use it. Deciding how we want to use it means knowing where we want to go and what we want to do when we get there.

Well, for one thing, it’s actually about getting to the beach.

Monday was great, we enjoyed the beach, climbed over rocks, watched the wind push bubbles across the sand, enjoyed the way the weather over the ocean played against the weather over the dunes, chased seagulls, …

Looking Northwest into the Pacfic over South Jetty

While it did feel like a small tragedy, not to get a shot at that boat, C’est La Vie. One of the good lessons that came from this experience is that it gave us the time to understand that we don’t really need the mothership right now. That’s something one doesn’t always see when in the midst of chasing a dream.

Anna in the dunes.

There are other things we can be doing that may be more important, like going to the beach and enjoying each other. The mothership will come, just not today.

Looking through the old trestle.

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